The Comfort of Carpet

Carpet is easy to decorate with and offers many styles, colors, and textures allowing it to be the focus of the room or the perfect foundation for your furniture and accessories. 

Family Enjoying the Comfort of Carpet in their Living Room

Carpet for the Whole Family with Odor-reducing and Stain-resistant Treatment and Fibers ~ Bliss Carpet by Beaulieu

From traditional to country, or casual to formal, we’ll help you find a carpet that will complement any interior setting and give you years of beauty and performance.  We’ll also consider the room, your specific needs, the amount and type of traffic, and the existing sub floor to determine the best carpet construction and pad choice for your space.

Choose from well-known manufacturers such as Shaw, Bliss Flooring by Beaulieu, and StainMaster.  Select trusted brands that provide lasting durability, innovative eco-friendly production, and strong warranties.

Call us today for a free carpet consultation and enjoy the quiet comfort and fresh look of new carpet!