2018 Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

2018 Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen has become the domestic heart. It is where families gather to 'eat and be merry.' It is the grounding piece for the aesthetics and tone for the rest of the home design. Let's take a closer look at what we expect to see next year in kitchen design and trends.

1) Simplistic luxury

Say goodbye to clutter and excess. This trend is exactly what a kitchen should be...SIMPLE yet ELEGANT! Clean lines, open layouts, and a minimalist approach will help create a room of luxury. Integrated appliances using paneling and built-ins will continue to be popular as well as stainless steel and undercounter appliances. Creative kitchen storage, hydraulic, easy-close cabinet doors, hands-free faucets, and large, apron-front sinks will maximize functionality and still maintain an elegant design.

2) Two-toned

This is a trend we've seen the past few years, and we wouldn't plan on it going away anytime soon. Two-toned kitchens give a custom feel to the cabinetry and countertops and allow the homeowner to express themselves in a different way. Sleek veined quartz countertops are a smart choice for families or busy cooks, available in a variety of lovely neutral tones.  Quartz countertops pair well with time-tested, polished chrome fixtures.

3) Rustic charm

We LOVE this trend! It is all about incorporating more natural elements into a space and including Mother Earth in your design. Mixing stone and reclaimed wood will provide an abundance of rustic charm. We have started to see reclaimed, beetle pine slabs for coffee and breakfast bars. Homeowners are using fewer upper cabinets and adding wood, open shelving. This allows for more natural elements to be featured such as brick, textured tile and ship-lap.  You'll also see some of these natural materials used in range hoods and ceiling design.  Hardwood flooring or porcelain plank tiles that look like wood will continue to provide a beautiful foundation for a kitchen filled with rustic charm.

4) Color on color

Kitchens are going to embrace color in this new year. It's going to be about bringing the right color into the space. Dark and moody colors such as deep plum, along with exotic palette choices will dominate the kitchen scene next year. We will see a shift in kitchen cabinets being painted, rather than stained. The use of cleverly-placed LED lighting will accent the bold and vibrant color choices.

5) Personalized and unique tile

If there is one trend to follow next year, it's this one! Go outside of the box and install a backsplash with a wow factor to it and bring in a splash of color. Do this by using personalized and unique tiles for your backsplash. These tiles can be anything from art-deco to hand painted.For more design inspiration, visit our newly renovated showroom and see what Schmidt Custom Floors can do for your home.