4 Projects to Start This Winter

4 Projects to Start This Winter

It is the time of year again to turn the fire on and crawl under the covers with a good book and cup of hot chocolate. For some this season is hard to get through with dark skies and cold snowy roads, but for others it is a dream come true. A time for snowmen, skiing and comfort food. No matter how you feel about winter, it is coming and we have some ideas to help you prepare your home for the holidays and snow.

Area Rugs

Of course, the obvious quick and easy fix is to add an area rug to your space. This is not only easy and cost effective, but it also makes a world of difference. If you have carpet already you can add an area rug on top to cozy up your space, or you might consider new carpet altogether. While picking an area rug for winter it is best to go simple and neutral. Oftentimes, people will pick white shaggy rugs to resemble snow, but bolder colors (like red or blue) with a neutral color to add pattern (like tree branches) can capture that winter feel as well. The picture to the left has a bold pattern, but both colors are neutral, so it portrays a calm winter feel.

Fireplace Tile

Fireplaces have been around forever and they add spirit to winter and the holidays. The very first fireplace in 500 B.C. was a hut with a hole in the top to let the smoke out. Centuries later Romans invented the flue so they could have fires inside. From there they invented the chimney, fireplace grates, and started burning coal. In 1990 they started using central heat wood burning fireplaces and in 1995 they came out with electric fireplaces. These two models are what we are most familiar with now. A large majority of fireplaces were built with brick because it's inflammable, however recently tile has become more common. The reason behind this is that tile is a more aesthetic substitute to red brick. If you're tired of brick, or just want to add some interest to your fireplace, now is the time!

Heated Floors

There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night to the shock of stone-cold tile on your feet. Tile is increasingly becoming more and more popular due to its durability and striking look. However; to every good there is a bad. Tile is extremely cold and hard to heat without proper equipment. If you find yourself agreeing with this then you should consider heated floors. With the Schluter Ditra-Heat system you never have to worry about forgetting your socks or slippers again. Schmidt Custom Floors is proud to be an authorized Schluter dealer. To learn more about this product make an appointment and meet with our Schluter and tile expert, Mike.

Installing New or Sanding Current Hardwood

Generally, when considering refinishing or installing hardwood floors winter does not come to mind. The last thing we want is to be in a house with sawdust and the smell of stain while not being able to open a window. All of these thoughts are understandable, but we have your solution! With our Dust Containment Sanders (DCS) we can contain about 95% of the normal dust you would see. The dust left in your house only amounts to about a week of not cleaning (dusting or vacuuming). As for the smell of the stain, we use all low VOC stain, which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC is the main source of fragrance in paint and stain, so low or zero VOC means minimal odor in your home.

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