Not only are wood floors affordable, beautiful, and easy to maintain, they are also eco-friendly and home buyers love them! It’s the only flooring product that is completely sustainable, from trees, a renewable natural resource. Wood originating from barns and old ships and buildings is often reused in a mixture of reclaimed products.

The University of Wisconsin conducted a Life Cycle Analysis of solid wood flooring. The results of the study were astounding!

According to their scientific research:
  • Wood floors use less energy and water to produce than other flooring alternatives.
  • The long product life of wood flooring decreases the need for replacement products thus decreasing landfill waste.
  • After its product life, the majority of wood flooring is recycled or used as a combustible fuel so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Read more about the eco-friendly benefits of wood floors at the National Wood Flooring Association’s website.