If you happen to be searching for a family-friendly, highly affordable flooring option, you have come to the right place! Vinyl plank flooring has the stylish appearance of wood floors without the added cost. The durable, waterproof nature of the vinyl plank is ideal for those with kids or pets who are prone to spills and other messes. Installing this long lasting material in your kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom will give you a look that is both beautiful and practical.

Vinyl has been often associated with low-quality in the past, but that has changed. The many benefits Luxury Vinyl offers makes it a great choice for your office or home. Vinyl flooring is composed of layers, its primary component is PVC vinyl, which makes LVT dimensionally stable and flexible. In the past, vinyl could be found in bathrooms and kitchens because of its water resistance. LVT or LVP can be both water resistant and anti-microbial. This helps you keep a clean floor, no matter the conditions.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring from Schmidt Custom Floors in Northern Colorado

This incredible flooring option is also a stylish choice for other areas of your home. Custom hues, textures and patterns are available due to the advancement of digital photography. Available in hundreds of patterns, colors, and designs to mimic natural hardwood vinyl planks often have texturing to match and beveled edges. This material is a wonderful addition to high-traffic rooms that need that polished look.

Vinyl plank flooring from Schmidt Custom Floors in Northern Colorado

Yet another fantastic benefit to vinyl plank flooring is its low maintenance demand! Because it stands up well to moisture, you can choose to vacuum or mop your floors to clean up — or both! We recommend cleaning up spills as quickly as you can and avoiding any abrasive cleaners, but overall, vinyl makes for a very forgiving floor. Feel free to vacuum and mop with soapy water regularly to keep it in great shape for years to come.

LVT from Schmidt Custom Floors in Northern Colorado

LVT is the fastest growing market segment in flooring right now due to the many benefits and options. If you're ready to get your custom project started, call Schmidt Custom Floors today for a free estimate!

Vinyl plank flooring available at Schmidt Custom Floors in Northern Colorado

Vinyl plank flooring options available at Schmidt Custom Floors in Northern Colorado