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Let the Professionals Take it From Here!

#1 Problem.... The DUST!

Older hardwood floors can reclaim their past glory with a professional sanding & refinishing treatment. Many homeowners, however, are reluctant to commit to such a project because of the mess and hassle from all the dust generated in the process. The dream of reviving those beautiful floors easily becomes abandoned due to the daunting after-project clean up.

Hardwood refinishing in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt's Custom Floors

We Have the Solution.

Dust-free Sanding is a highly beneficial option of which many homeowners are not aware. A state-of-the-art Dust Containment System is a vacuum that continually extracts dust and stores it in a self-contained unit. Dust is removed as it is created, helping maintain a healthy, breathable environment during and after the sanding process. After sanding, we carefully apply a natural sealer (or a stain color of your choice, from light to richer tones) and multiple coats of eco-friendly, water-based finish. Only the highest quality finish is used?proven to provide clarity, strength, and long-lasting durability.

Hardwood refinishing in Windsor, CO from Schmidt's Custom Floors

Let the Professionals Take it From Here!

There are a multitude of ways to get that new floor look you are after. Even if your hardwoods have been covered for years or even damaged, our hardwood refinishing choices can have your floors looking new again. So give your floors the "Face Lift" you have been thinking about and call our office at (970) 663-7402 to schedule a free estimate.