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Top 3 Tile Styles in 2021

Are you ready to install new tile in your home? As we embrace these warm summer days, there's no better time to freshen your kitchen or bathroom design with a tile makeover. Selecting tiles can be an enjoyable stage of redecorating as you are free to be artistic and have some fun with creative styles. Perhaps you are wanting a classic tile with a unique pattern? Or a bold style with a lot of color? The key is to consider how the area will interact and complement everything else in your room. Waterjet Mosaics are a popular trend that create a focal point which captivates some attention. Layering concepts to make your tile look more intriguing, is a clever way of making an illusion of a piece of art hanging on your wall. Want a dramatic flare? Create a wallpaper effect by extending your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling! Experimenting with different ways of bringing color, pattern, and texture into your space provides endless possibilities!
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2021 has been buzzing with this popular trend! While subway tiles provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing look, they also bring a classic and modern style to any room. Finding the perfect color is only the beginning of your search. Next, you will need to consider the sheen. A glossy sheen is an excellent choice if you're looking for a surface that reflects light to brighten your kitchen or bathroom. Want a special touch? A natural stone or glass is another classy approach. Available in a multitude of sizes, the latest modern styles include crackle effects, matte finishes, or impressive arrangements like vertical, staggered, or herringbone pattern layouts. Style is not the only perk to this growing fashion trend, it is also durable, easy to clean, and quick to install. No wonder why these tiles are a 2021 number one hit.
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Mosaic backsplash is a bold choice that just radiates with personality. When looking to bring a lightness to your kitchen, bathroom or even laundry spaces, a colorful array of tiny, viberant tiles will do wonders to brighten any room. Spark your own custom look by incorporating different shades of color and even textures! Explore with glass, ceramic or natural stone tiles to find what compliments your home best. Have you looked at penny round and hexagon shapes? Their classic looks can lend an air of elegance in both vintage-inspired and contemporary kitchens.
Tile in Loveland, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors


Backsplashes are an excellent way to spice up any room and give style to a dull space. With the proper selections, you can effectively complement any d?cor. Tiles with a printed pattern can bring a Shock and Awe to your kitchen or bathroom and give that ultimate WOW effect. When coupled with a simple tile selection, you can really make those pattern styled tiles pop.

When shopping for tile, it's always comforting getting the opinion of a professional tile designer. They specialize in finding the right tones, textures, patterns, and all around style to meet your home's custom needs. Here at Schmidt Custom Floors, our tile expert is ready for the job and eager to help you find the look you are searching for. Call 970-663.7402 to schedule an appointment today!