Benefits of Cork Flooring

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Consider cork for durability, comfort and renewability.

Cork is a natural material harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, which are native to Spain, Portugal and Tunisia. It has gained popularity in the United States as a flooring material because of the following unique characteristics:

  • Durability
    It resists cracking and abrasions and is impermeable to gas and liquid. Cork flooring also bounces back, so indentations caused by furniture won't be permanent. When properly maintained, cork flooring can last 40 years or more.
  • Healthy
    Cork is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and termites. It's also anti-microbial. Cork flooring does not off-gas or shed microfibers to negatively affect indoor air quality.
  • Comfortable
    A cork floor provides a comfortable cushion underfoot because it "gives" when compressed. Cork is also a natural thermal and acoustic insulator, which means rooms with cork flooring are naturally warm and quiet.
  • Aesthetically versatile
    Cork flooring is available in tiles and planks and in various styles, colors and sizes. Use planks to create an almost seamless-looking floor, or use tiles in single or alternating colors to create a nontraditional effect.
  • Practical
    Unlike vinyl, the pattern and color of the cork penetrate the thickness of the material, so they're retained as it wears. This lengthens the usable life of the flooring.

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