Define Your Style with Tile

Define Your Style with Tile

When you're selecting porcelain tile, dream big!

Define Your Style

Today's tile designs allow you to create the look of wood, cork, stone and so many other options to help you really define your personal style.   Let's say you have a powder room that really needs some punch.  Glass tiles have always been popular and continue to be in the spotlight.  Glass tiles are available in many tones and colors.  Iridescent colors bring a little or a lot of sparkle, while soft clear colors create a spa-like atmosphere.  Subway tiles in clear glass give kitchens a clean and classic look.

A New Trend

Tile panels are the newest trend and the industry expects it to continue into the next few years. They are available in sizes as large as 6' x 12' and as thin as 1/8"!  It’s important to know that larger tiles actually make a small room appear bigger.  Of course, you can still achieve this look without using full panels. Tiles come in other large sizes, such as 12" x 38" and many have a complementing mosaic. 

You may have noticed wood-look tile planks in commercial applications, such as retail.  The durability of tile and ease of cleaning are perfect for environments with high traffic.  This is a great option for homes, as well.  For hot, dry climates where hardwood may not be the best choice, wood tile planks fit the bill.  However, this tile looks great in any wet areas where you may be hesitant to install real hardwood.  What a great idea for a laundry or mudroom that opens into a carpeted area. Many porcelain tiles are rated for exterior use, as well.  Tile is replacing concrete on patios and pool areas.

The Wow Factor

A great way to wake up your living or family room is by re-tiling the fireplace.  Fireplaces provide a focal point and new tile can change the whole feel of the room.   Remember those iridescent tiles we mentioned?  Use a few as accents in between field tile to make it pop.The design options for tile are endless. 

Bring your ideas in to us and we’ll help you create the room of your dreams.