Flooring to Fit Your Crazy Lifestyle

Flooring to Fit Your Crazy Lifestyle

In recent years we've been hearing more about waterproof cell phones and life-proof cases. Now flexible cell phones are in the making, but it's only a matter of time before phones don't exist at all. They are always working to improve things like bulletproof glass and indestructible tires. Why is this? In our society today, people are busy, and time is a rare commodity to come by. We are always thinking up ways to make life more efficient and cause less interruptions to our busy schedules. Who has time to run to the phone store every time their screen cracks? Or run to the tire shop when they get a flat? We jam pack our days full of activities and errands adding anything extra can be catastrophic.

Why We Care

Why does a flooring company care about cellphones and tires? Well, like those other products, here in the flooring world we are always trying to improve our products to fit your needs. Companies are working on waterproof, kid proof, and pet proof flooring options and we are excited to start carrying these products and testing them out. As many of you may know, the only truly "life-proof" flooring until now was tile and concrete, they can hold up to almost anything. However, the cold hard surfaces of these materials don't appeal to everyone along with the steep pricing of the product and installation. Recently we have started noticing water-resistant Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) which tested to hold up to moisture for 72 hours. This was also rated pet friendly and kid friendly. If a product can hold up to these three factors then you know it is truly life proof.

Flooring of the "Future"

We have just been informed that some of our flooring manufactures have created a waterproof product that is REAL WOOD.You heard that right, we are just as excited as you are! This product has a limestone core, but the top layer is real wood, so it has the look, feel, and the durability we all want to achieve. We never thought we would hear waterproof and wood in the same sentence, but here we are, living the future! We are so excited to start installing these products to help make your lives more convenient. We'd love for you to come by and check out the samples we have in our showroom.

What's Next?

Here at Schmidt Custom Floors our goal is to help you find flooring to fit your needs. Within the next few weeks we will be working on putting icons on all of our products in the showroom. These icons will include waterproof (or resistance + hours), pet friendly, kid friendly, sound/heat blocking, designer suggested and more. This will help easily identify what products will work for you, while finding a look you love for your home. Come visit us to see what we come up with, and book a showroom appointment today. Or call our office (970) 663-7402 for an in-home measure or for any additional questions.