French industrial design is trending everywhere right now. Why? Because it is just that good! It has reached popularity because it involves taking what is old and bringing it back to life. It is all about re-purposing and exposing what was once hidden. We started seeing this trend because more and more residential and retail spaces were renovating warehouses, barns, churches and industrial buildings. The style is characterized by its very utilitarian features.

In almost all French industrial design you will find one or more of the following: rough or weathered wood, exposed brick, concrete, exposed pipes and Edison light bulbs. By using these design elements, you are mixing in both new and old. It's about displaying the building materials that have been concealed for years. When integrating French industrial design, you need to make sure you are celebrating raw, unfinished materials into the most thought out space. You are showcasing neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces combined.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key design elements that go into making a room more aesthetically French industrial:

  • Exposure
    This is a signature French industrial design element. The features that are typically hidden away behind the scenes are celebrated here. Keeping a few of these elements exposed during a renovation of an older building gives a reminder of what used to be and the history behind it.
  • Keep it raw
    Wood and metal combinations scream French industrial. Using raw or weathered wood and brick and metal piping in these spaces creates interesting design focal points. Often, we see both metal and wood mixed into the same pieces. These catch the eye and help bring drama to the space.
  • Down to earth
    Keeping the space light and airy, with more neutral and earth tones, is what brings the whole room together. Keeping things simple in color creates a cohesive flow throughout the whole space. Adding a wide plank, white oak floor with a Euro-oil stain would be a perfect foundation for this style of room.
  • Function, function, function
    When it comes to French industrial style, you will notice functionality is a trending theme. There is little clutter and a very minimalist approach taken when styling the space.Stop into our showroom for help on creating your perfect French industrial look! Our design and flooring experts are here to help answer any questions that you may have and guide you through the selection process.