Stairs are an important part of a home. While they are often overlooked, they are a visual highlight of the home. Stairs are often used, but given little thought on decor, and viewed as a simple transition area. By sprucing them up, such as adding a hardwood staircase, you are setting the scene to what is to come in your other rooms. Changing the stairs in your home is one of the biggest decor changes you can make. It can transform the look of your home, just by selecting a different and distinct material.

A few weeks ago, we took on the task of completing a client's existing staircase.

The stairs originally were covered in carpet. We removed and replaced the carpet with solid, site finished White Oak to match the hardwood we installed on the main level of the home earlier in the week. Our client requested a seamless look, flowing from the mail level through the stairs. To achieve this look, we installed the same hardwood on both the treads and risers. The new and improved staircase added a beautiful design element and will be a durable foundation for daily foot traffic.

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