Gray Is The New Black

It doesn't come as much of a shock to find out that gray-toned floors are very on trend right now. Yes, gray! Finding this color in a pre-finished wood floor is quite easy. Now that this trend has caught on, homeowners are wanting to refinish their existing hardwood floors to achieve this stained look. Not all wood species take gray stain the same way. Some accept the color with no problems at all, while other hardwood needs a little help to show the color in a beautiful way. This is where an "activator" comes in handy!

Recently, we installed and finished a client's 3 1/4" white oak floors using Active Gray. Our client requested a custom stain on top of their newly installed white oak floors. This is where a "natural activator" comes in handy. Schmidt Custom Floors was up to the challenge. In the end, the floors turned out beautifully!

Active Gray Start
Active Gray Finish
Active Gray allows the natural beauty of the hardwood to shine by enhancing specific parts of the wood itself. Achieving this gray look on solid oak hardwood is challenging, but possible when you have talented flooring experts like those on our team at Schmidt Custom Floors. To achieve this look and many others, please contact us or stop by and visit our showroom.