Hardwood Health Check

Hardwood Health Check

Have you noticed your hardwood floors lacking that luster that you love? Or maybe you can feel the bare wood as you step across the floor? How long has it been since you've maintained your floors? If it has been over 3-5 years and you're answering yes to any question keep reading. Remember, if taken care of properly, hardwood floors can last a lifetime.What is a buff and coat? During a buff and coat, also called a screen and finish, we remove the existing finish on your hardwood and apply a new top coat of finish. This does not change the color of your wood and it will not take out deep scratches or dents either. For deep scratches or dents they can apply hard wax or wood filler during this process, but it is only a temporary fix. The buff and coat simply refreshes the finish coat of your hardwood.

How do you know if a buff and coat is enough?

The main factor of being able to do a buff and coat is a healthy underfloor. This means that there are no big dents, wavy planks (due to water damage) or large gaps between the planks. Having small gaps is normal especially this time of year, but if you can fit more than one quarter in them they may need further attention. With larger gaps it may mean the plank itself is damaged or the floor was not laid tight enough during the installation. In which case you may need to replace the floor in order to fix the problem.Generally, fixing dents is not too intensive, unless it goes all the way through the wood. Another option is doing a sand and refinish that can usually go deep enough to blend the dent in. This will also take the current stain off of your wood and it will need a new coat of stain and finish.

What is the next step?

If you have decided that a buff and coat or something more is necessary for the health of your floors, then please call us today. (970) 663-7402. If you are a previous customer and we have done the floors at your current house, we can send you a quote today. If you are a new customer or if you have moved, please call to set up a free in-home consultation. You can also book a showroom appointment with one of our accredited hardwood specialists or designer for advice on the best solution for your hardwood.