Learn To Love Your Vacuum Cleaner

Learn To Love Your Vacuum Cleaner

Love My Vacuum Cleaner?

Yes, your vacuum cleaner really can be your "friend".  After all, it makes our day to day lives a little easier and our homes slightly cleaner.  However, we may not be using it properly and in turn our houses are lacking cleanliness.Have you been taught the correct way to vacuum your carpet and rugs? Did you even know there was a right or wrong way to bust that dirt? It's not something we overthink because it should just be common knowledge, right? Usually we only have enough time to make a few quick passes across the room before attending to all the other chores and errands. However, vacuuming properly and regularly will extend the life of your carpet and rugs to keep them looking fresh and new. 

The Proper Technique

The professionals have collaborated and they have come up with the proper technique for vacuuming. You want to start with the edge of the room using your fine attachment tool and work your way in to the center. Also make sure to go over the surface in more than one direction to ensure you pick up as much of the stubborn particles as you can. If you have pets, also make sure to vacuum the furniture otherwise you will be vacuuming again tomorrow. Make sure to slow down and take your time, allow your vacuum to do its job without being rushed. Putting a drop of an essential oil in your vacuum can also help get rid of that dusty smell and leave your house smelling fresh and clean. Don't forget to empty it frequently so there is enough room for new dust and dirt.Check out this great article from Houzz for even more detail on dust busting your carpet.

Take a Vacuuming Master Class for a Spotless

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