Making the Cut

Making the Cut

All hardwood flooring is NOT created equal!

There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to hardwood flooring. Starting with the species of wood itself to how it was sawed, because there are multiple ways of cutting wood. Each sawing method produces a different look and durability, and comes at a different price. The key is to understand what it is you want, and what you are looking for! Let's take a closer look at the different ways we can cut a log to turn it into beautiful and unique hardwood flooring.

Plain Sawn Cut

The most commonly used method for cutting timber into planks, it creates a very open grain that runs across the width of the board. Plain sawn wood is commonly seen on traditional red oak hardwood floors and has a bad reputation, however with the right stain it can look beautiful in any home.

Rift & Quarter Sawn

The purpose of sawing this way is to create a vertical grain pattern. This grain is wavy and tight, unlike the plain sawn wood, which is very busy and has a more wavy grain. This cut tends to give off a more modern look because of its very minimal, straight grain. We generally see a lighter stain on this type of wood otherwise you hide the natural beauty of the grain.

Live Sawn

The most unique cut of wood is the live sawn. This combines grains in plain sawn, and the rift & quarter sawn. This cut of wood has more rustic characteristics and is commonly shown in a wider board. The stain color is really up to you because any will look good.

To see a distinction between different cuts of wood, stop by our showroom at 1264 S Grant Ave, Loveland CO. Our in-house estimators can help guide you when looking at what cut would work best with your style and feeling you are trying to create. To schedule an estimate give us a call at 970-663-7402.