Oil 'Em Up!

Oil 'Em Up!

European-oiled hardwood floor finish has been used across the pond for over 30-years. This technique has gained popularity in the states over the past few years. The trend has taken the flooring market by storm and shows no sign of slowing down in the near future. Take a look at some of the benefits of Euro-oil, and see why this technique is being requested more and more.

Benefits Of Euro-oil:

European-oil finished floors tackle the durability issue in a different way than the traditional finishes. Oil penetrates the hardwood making it more protected from moisture and appearance of overall wear and tear, while still allowing the wood grain feel on bare feet.The very-low to zero VOC emission of the European-oil finish makes it environmentally friendly. The VOC level is so low because it's a vegetable oil based product. This fact alone makes European-oil finished floors one of the best options for green builders and hypo-allergenic homeowners.The most noticeable difference when using European-oil, and its most popular characteristic, is that it gives a matte finished look on the end product. As the wood floor ages, its appearance improves.

The low maintenance and upkeep required has made the European-oil finish more popular. All it needs is some re-oiling every year or so when the floor begins to look a little dry. The homeowner can even do this themselves and it will look like you had a professional do it! If you start to see small spots that are lacking luster, don't worry, you can spot treat the floors with the parquet oil without having to do it all. Scratches work the same way, so if you have a dog or some crazy kids, just pull out the parquet-oil.Check out the custom Euro-oil finished hardwood floors we recently completed at two clients houses. The first floor we completed was a Walnut hardwood floor with a dark Euro-oil stain. The second floor we completed was on a fir hardwood floor using transparent Euro-oil. Both floors turned out beautifully, and the clients were thrilled with the results.

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