On Top of The Grading Curve

On Top of The Grading Curve

Does the grade affect the quality?

This is a very common question and we want to clarify it the best way possible. To keep it simple, the grade scale for hardwood is used to describe the character of the species, rather than the quality of the wood. There are many factors used to identify the grade level of wood including: the appearance of individual planks, the part of the tree the lumber was taken from, the length of boards, and aesthetic features.

When grades of lumber are assigned, they are given a grading level based on common points of reference. Similar qualities in the lumber are then grouped together and given a grade. These qualities range anywhere from knots, wormholes, mineralizing, and open grain lines to even-toned and without "blemishes."

Clear Grade

This is the highest and "cleanest" grade of hardwood. Meaning there are few to no "blemishes". No knots or wormholes and the most uniform in color and grain lines between the planks. Clear grade cut hardwood comes from the center of the tree.

Select Grade

There will be natural color variations in this grade. You will also see small, tight knots and pin worm holes. This has a slightly busier grain pattern, but still maintains a fairly clean look for your floor.

Common Grade #1

You won't find many surprises with this grade of lumber. There is consistency in appearance and length of boards, while very small knots, if any, will appear on the surface and the color of each board is more uniform.

Common Grade #2

The natural characteristics of the hardwood will come to life in this grade. You will see more visual knots and variation between the planks both in color and length. Overall, this grade is a great choice if you are looking for a more rustic look with a good amount of character.

Rustic Grade

You will find an array of natural characteristics in this grade. Varying in length, color, texture, knots and graining patterns. To schedule an in-home estimate and find the character of wood perfect for your home, please Contact US!