Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors increase the value of your home.  Whether you've had new hardwood installed or older floors sanded and refinished, it's important to know how to protect and care for them.

Stop Dirt At The Door

Placing a rug or mat at each door prevents dirt and grit from getting on your floors.  You may also have family and guests take off their shoes.  This is especially important at entries that lead out to the back yard or patio.  Children and pets go in and out often and are likely to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside each time.  Make sure you vacuum or shake off rugs regularly.

Other concerns are high heels and cleats.  High heels can become worn down and will scratch or dent your floors.  It's best to have people remove their shoes at the door.  Be creative and have a fun sign placed at your front door so visitors know this is expected.Athletic footwear should be left in the garage or mudroom.  Create a special place for the family to stow their gear before coming into the house.

"Shoes" are okay for Furniture

Place felt pads on all furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents.  This is especially important on stools and chairs that are frequently slid across the floor.  Check these often, as they are likely to wear out.  Use felt castors on any furniture that is moved frequently.


Very large floor plants should have the appropriate sized trays under each one to prevent water from overflowing onto the floor. Be sure the trays are heavy duty and free from cracks and holes.  Castor cups with felt bottoms will help keep rolling plant containers in place while protecting your floor.  Smaller houseplants should also have trays to prevent overflow onto the furniture and floor.


Removing shoes before walking on your hardwood will prevent stones, sand and dirt from being dragged onto your floor.  However, fine dirt can still blow in when doors and windows are open.  Pet fur and ordinary house dust will still be a factor, so regular dry mopping and vacuuming is really important for keeping your floors looking great.  When mopping, use only a dry mop with a soft cloth head.  Disengage the beater bar on your vacuum to prevent damage to the floor.

For Deeper Cleaning

Avoid using oil based polishes, such as Orange Glow.  This will leave a sticky residue that will dull the finish and make it difficult to buff and re-coat.  Never use water, vinegar or any household cleaning product on your hardwood floors.  We recommend Loba® products to clean and maintain your hardwood.  We carry convenient Loba® cleaning kits at our showroom.  The kits include a spray mop, a washable microfiber mop head and a refillable reservoir with cleaning solution.  This cleaner is ideal for hardwood, parquet and cork floors.

UV Protection

The sun can get pretty intense in Colorado.  Hardwood floors naturally amber or age over time because it's a natural product.  Some woods will darken, some will lighten.  This effect is accelerated due to our elevation, especially when exposed to strong direct sunlight.  It's important to have proper window coverings on rooms that receive intense sun in order to protect your floors and furniture.  If you have area rugs, move them from time to time to keep the flooring underneath an even color.  People are often surprised when they roll up a rug for cleaning, only to find the shape of the rug silhouetted on the floor.  Open and close window coverings as the sun moves around your house. 

We live in a beautiful state and definitely want to enjoy the views.If you have any questions on caring for your floors, please call us at 970-663-7402 or check out the FAQs on our website.  We'll be glad to help you keep your floors looking like new!