Rustic Chic

Rustic Chic

From the Beginning:

This was a really fun project to work on. Our clients came in wanting a floor that had a lot of character and charm. They were also looking for a stain color that would complement their African Ebony cabinetry. The idea was to create flooring that looked reclaimed but actually wasn't.

Hickory came to mind for obvious reasons. First, it is an extremely hard species so it would hold up with our client's lifestyle and family. Second, it naturally has a rustic quality and character to it. With its knots and color variation, it would give a nice canvas for the idea we were creating. Finally, the grain of Hickory has more rustic qualities to it and bigger knots. Both of which were helpful in the overall process.

The clients also decided to go with a 3", 4", 5" varied Hickory. This gave their floor a more custom feel and the random pattern created a surprise to the eye.

In the end:

Once the floor was installed, our crew came back in and went over the floor with a custom stain to create the Ebonoized look. In the end our clients were beyond thrilled with their floors and couldn't wait to move into their new home.To learn more about the ebonization process or to set up an in-house estimate, please call our office at 970-663-7402. Or swing by our newly renovated showroom, located at 1264 S Grant Ave, Loveland, CO and take with one of our flooring experts.