The Hard Truth on Hardwood Finishes

The Hard Truth on Hardwood Finishes

Now that Summer is in full swing and things are starting to settle down, you may finally be ready for the projects to start. Whether it be a full house remodel or just refinishing your floors, we have some tips of the trade to help you accomplish your summer goals. You may be hearing more and more about water-based finish on hardwood floors within the last few years, but why is that? When it comes to finishing or refurbishing your beautiful hardwood floors, the type and quality of finish matter a lot to the life of your wood! 

Fact 1: Durability

When deciding on a durable finish to protect your floors, water-based poly is highly durable and equally resistant to damage as oil-based poly brands! There are many different benefits of water-based finish that make it a desirable choice for the long lasting protection of your floors. It is specifically designed for hardwood floors to hold up to heavy commercial traffic, pets, children and everyday life! 

Fact 2: Color

When deciding upon the stain choice for your home, a common concern is how the finish may affect the color of the boards. It is hard enough to decide which of the many hues to choose from. This makes water-based poly an excellent choice for any home. Maintaining its clear, glass like finish, water-based finish will hold its luster for the lifetime of your hardwood floors and will not amber with time.  

Fact 3: Odor

As many of us have experienced, the old polyurethane finish could clear out a room in seconds. 10 years ago, you had to open all doors and windows while wearing a respirator, but somehow the smell still seemed to get through. Now imagine not needing to do any of that and still having cleaner air while you work. Almost seems impossible doesn't it? Well lucky for us it has been done, and it is better than anyone could have ever imagined. The water-based finish has virtually no odor and low VOC. You may be asking "What the heck is a VOC?" VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. In simpler terms, VOC is the gases released from a product. Having low VOC means less of those harmful chemicals being put into the air for us to breathe.

Fact 4: Dry Time

One of the many perks of water-based finish is its fast dry time! The 2 coats can be applied in one day and can be walked upon, with socks, 4-6 hours after the final application. This makes a big difference when trying to move into a new home or resuming your daily activities!When deciding on a hardy finish that will stand the test of time, the beneficial facts of water-based finish won't disappoint!

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