To Choose or Not to Choose... Prefinished Floors

To Choose or Not to Choose... Prefinished Floors

Floors are an intricate and important part of a home. They can be the show-stopper, the art piece, the cohesion that pulls the whole house together. They are the roots of the home, in which you build everything else on top of. So when it comes to deciding what kind of floors you are going to use as your “roots,” the decision doesn’t always come easy. There are a multitude of decisions to make.

Do I want site finished or prefinished floors? How about light or dark stain? Oak, Hickory, or maybe Ash? Traditional plank size or wide plank? Beveled or square edges? We have compiled a list of benefits of prefinished floors to help you in deciding what floors are the right choice for you and your home.

Prefinished hardwood flooring comes ready to be installed! So you don’t have to worry about sanding them down and staining them once they have been installed. With minimum waiting time once the floors have been installed, your new prefinished floor is ready to walk on in about a day.Another benefit of prefinished floors is that they are finished in a factory. A multi-coat urethane finish is applied to the wood in a controlled environment, which creates a very uniform, consistent, smooth look. With a factory-applied finish, they also tend to have a longer warranty.

In Action

Recently, we completed two projects using prefinished flooring. On the first project we completed, the clients went for a darker stained, mixed, wide board, prefinished acacia. On the second project we completed, the clients went for the exact opposite look. Instead using a traditional 3 1/4", natural stained prefinished red oak. While both floors are polar opposite, they turned out beautifully! The dark stain on the first project, accompanied by a more open bevel makes the space feel very elegant and traditional. Whereas the light stain and tight bevel of the second floor give the space a more contemporary feel.

Started Now

To achieve these look and many others, please stop by our showroom and take a look at the wide variety of prefinished floors we carry. For questions or to set up an estimate, please contact our office at (970)663-7402.