Value of New Floors in Real Estate Sales

Value of New Floors in Real Estate Sales

Are you thinking about selling your home for something bigger to fit your family? Or maybe your kids all moved out and you need a smaller space? Well here are a few pointers to increase the value of your floors without too much work or money. Flooring is one of the biggest selling points in a home besides the kitchen. You wouldn't know it, but replacing your carpet with hardwood will increase your home value tremendously.

Tips of the Trade

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has noted that 99% of real estate agents said it is easier to sell a home with hardwood floors and 90% say they sell for more money. The health of the hardwood is also a big factor in this, but luckily that is easy to fix. Any hard surface over carpet, especially in the main areas will bring more value. However be careful with how many different types of flooring you use in your home, consistency is the best option. Homes with too many types of flooring can get overwhelming to a buyer, especially if they are touching.

Ready to Sell

The main aspect of the floor to consider when selling your house is the condition of the product. No matter the type of flooring, if it is warn down it will drive buyers out. Be careful using bold colors on the floor, we know orange and green shag carpet used to be the style, but homeowners today lean more towards neutral colors. The picture to the right represents a house that may have sold 40 years ago, but today a buyer will runaway screaming. Bold colors are better for furniture, decorations and areas that are easier to change like paint on the wall.

Need Professional Help?

You are in luck, we have our own in-house designer that would love to help you pick affordable flooring to spruce up your home to sell. Please call us 970-663-7402 to schedule a free in home consultation. Or visit our website to book a Showroom Appointment with Jill.