Yes, You Can Have Hardwood Floors!

Yes, You Can Have Hardwood Floors!

The New Engineered Hardwood Floors

Have you always wanted hardwood floors but were concerned about the wear and tear your family may inflict on them? Take heart, there are new options that may change your mind.One of those options is Lindura, a multi-layered product using wood powder. And yes, it's real hardwood.This is the perfect choice for active families with kids, rolling toys, pets, high heels etc.

What Makes It Special

"Wood powder is a combination of real wood fibers and minerals. During the production process, it is applied to the top surface of the core board just prior to the pressing of the hardwood top layer. The pressing process, which incorporates heat and pressure, liquefies the wood powder compound which infuses into the pores of the hardwood veneer creating a durable, hard wearing engineered floor while maintaining all the natural characteristics and beauty of each unique wood species..."

With this process, softer woods like walnut can withstand high activity; even in commercial environments. Other options are hickory and European oak.
"The density of our HDF core board is twice that of plywood cores and the greater mass significantly reduces floor and footfall noise." If you would like to see this exciting product, visit Schmidt Custom Floorsnew showroom at 1264 S. Grant Avenue, Loveland.