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Shopping for carpet in Fort Collins, CO

When you need the best carpet in Fort Collins, CO, you must know the characteristics you can expect from specific options. Understanding each product and benefit can go a long way when choosing your best flooring fit. And when you speak with an associate about your particular requirements, it's easier than ever to find a match that will serve you longer.

The carpet is perfect for décor matching, durability, and lifespan, so it fits these needs. But the extended benefits can help you create an ideal setting in almost every room. Here are some facts to create a better shopping experience at our carpet store.

The beauty of carpet

Each carpet floor is unique, even if made from the same fibers. Each piece brings a character of its own and offers different colors, textures, styles, and designs. But they also have varying face weight and density, which can change how your flooring looks, especially over time.

Even if you don't understand all these terms, you'll quickly see what they translate into once you see them in person. The vital step is for you to bring your list of necessities – what you can't live without – and share that with our carpet installation team so that we can match them.

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Durability is important

Many homeowners avoid carpet because they think it can't provide the durability they need with pets and children in the home. The good news is that these products offer attributes designed specifically for these situations. Be sure to ask about the built-in stain and odor protection and warranties that make special provisions for households with pets.

With added durability, these floors can last for more than 20 years, so you’ll get your money’s worth at our dedicated carpet store. Add even more protection with a few well-placed area rugs. Please stop by today, so we can help you find the perfect materials and services.
Carpet in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Carpet in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Carpet in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors

Choose our showroom for the best carpet in Fort Collins, CO

At Schmidt Custom Floors, we work hard to ensure the best materials, services, consultation, and installation for any remodel. So, start your process by speaking with an associate who is ready to work for you. Share your vision, insight, and preferences, and we'll take care of the rest of the project.

When you visit our showroom, you'll find we have an excellent selection for your best carpet in Fort Collins, CO. We'll also help you find your perfect match. So, stop by our showroom in Loveland, CO, today to start a conversation that can help you choose the ideal flooring for every space.