Luxury vinyl flooring in Fort Collins, CO


Luxury vinyl flooring options in Fort Collins, CO

When you need excellent luxury vinyl flooring in Fort Collins, CO, some facts could help you make the best decisions. The more you understand your chosen flooring, the better results you can get when you shop. And we carry outstanding products and will be happy to tell you all about them. Read on to learn more about the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.

The stunning beauty of luxury vinyl flooring

The elegance and timelessness you can take advantage of in this product line perfectly match any décor scheme. Colors, formats, textures, designs, and installation layouts all work to blend with your existing visual. And if you choose a trendy LVP flooring look, you could stay current for many years. 

Trends come and go, but some are meant to stay longer than others to help you maintain a fashionable appearance. For some homeowners, this means a muted neutral color scheme, while others prefer something bright and exciting. 

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Durability that works

One of the best features of LVP flooring is its excellent durability, which guards against scratches, scuffs, stains, and dents. As a result, even in areas with the highest traffic levels, you'll see less wear and damage, primarily if you use rugs or runners to keep traffic off the waterproof flooring surface. With this kind of durability, you can expect more than 20 years of lifespans with professional installation and regular care.

Luxury vinyl flooring also provides complete waterproof protection to easily cover bathroom, kitchen, and hallway floors. So, you'll never have to worry about dampness, humidity, or spills, and your floors will last longer. But this benefit is welcome in every room of your home for peace of mind and much more.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Luxury vinyl flooring in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Luxury vinyl flooring in Fort Collins, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors

We have your luxury vinyl in Fort Collins, CO

Schmidt Custom Floors is a great place to find waterproof flooring and luxury vinyl for all your needs, no matter how large or small your remodel is. Spend time with our associates to find out how we can bring the solutions you need for your home. Our experience and dedication to only the best results show in everything we do for you.

Visit our store for the best luxury vinyl flooring in Fort Collins, CO. While you're here, we'll make sure we talk about all the potential benefits you could enjoy from these materials. So, stop by our Loveland, CO, showroom today and take some time to share your vision and dream with us for your flooring needs.