Benefits of professional hardwood flooring installation

Benefits of professional hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood flooring adds a lot of elegance, charm, and warmth to your home. There's an allure that cannot ever be denied.??

The last thing you want to do is ruin the appearance with a shoddy installation. Do yourself (and your home!) a favor and always hire a professional to do the job, whether your choice is solid or engineered hardwood flooring.?

Professional installers can enhance the beauty

Once upon a time, it wasn't unusual to see rough edges or protruding nails on a wood floor surface. It was unsightly and a safety concern that caused trips and falls.?

Solid hardwood floors are only installed with the traditional tongue and groove/nail-down method.?

This method, when done properly, guarantees very tight seams. They keep water from absorbing and seeping into the subfloor.??

That is an important point. Water easily travels from the sub to the surface floor; the water damage negatively impacts appearance, performance, and longevity.?

This method also assures few nails, no rough edges, and a smooth surface.

The wood flooring installation professional also

  1. Advises on acclimation, which helps align the wood's moisture levels with your home's.
  2. Takes regular moisture readings throughout installing your wood flooring in Loveland, CO. Moisture readings start at the subfloor, and they will advise of further action if necessary.
  3. Makes sure that each coat of stain and finish is ready for re-application. The surface will trap dirt, dust, debris, and even bubbles if it's too moist.
  4. Uses proper precautions if the subfloor is concrete.?

About engineered hardwood floors

The construction makes this hardwood version a little better able to handle water. It's also more stable and provides more installation technique possibilities.

That said, it should still be installed by a professional who can do distinctive layouts with engineered or solid wood planks. These include herringbone, diagonal, mixed width, etc. They will also use necessary precautions to enhance appearance and functionality.

Visit us for your hardwood flooring and more

When you enter the Schmidt Custom Floors showroom, you'll see solid and engineered hardwood flooring from brands like BPI Prestige, Bruce, DuChateau, and more. You'll also experience our knowledge, superior customer service, and large inventory.

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