How can I get started on my project?
The first step is to call our office at (970) 663-7402 and schedule a free estimate so we can measure the flooring area and discuss your home inspirations. Our fun and friendly in-house designers have transformed the entire selection process. You’ll discover how this can be a simple and enjoyable experience! We will send you a comprehensive proposal and answer any question or concerns you may have. Next, we ask that you send us the signed contract and material deposit so we can order any necessary materials and save a date for you on our schedule.

Are you able to compete with the large chain retail store pricing, like Home Depot or Lowe’s?
Schmidt Custom Floors can match or beat the prices at most large retail stores. By cutting out the middle man, we lower our overhead and deliver superior products at an affordable price. From sales to installation, every member of our team has thorough knowledge of the products we carry and you’ll always get a low-pressure buying experience with a non-commission attitude. We promise to give each one of our valued clients the personalized service they deserve. Come and experience the difference!

Who owns and operates Schmidt Custom Floors?
Schmidt Custom Floors is owned and operated by Barry and Alyssa Schmidt. They started the business in 1998 to build meaningful work in beautiful Northern Colorado. Their goal was to create a highly skilled team and a caring and collaborative culture where people enjoy coming to work. By focusing on customer service, integrity, and quality craftsmanship, this local business continues to grow. With a set purpose to value and appreciate each client, the majority of new business now comes from the referrals of happy clients. Barry and Alyssa have 4 sons and 1 puppy. On the weekends, you will find them hiking in the mountains, biking the trails of Loveland and Fort Collins, or cooking up a meal at their home for friends and family.

When can I schedule my wood flooring project?
This depends on the scope and size of your project and our current work. Typically we are approximately 2 – 4 weeks booked out, but it’s best to check with our office.

Do I need to move out of my house if I’m installing a new wood floor?
It is not typically necessary to move out of your home during installation, unless the project includes the majority of your living area.

How much dust will I have during the installation process?

We will set up our equipment outside your home (weather permitting) to reduce the amount of dust in your house. There will be some dust during the installation process, more if there is removal of existing floor coverings. At the end of each workday we will clean up and move our equipment out of your way.

How much dust will I have during the SANDING process?

Schmidt Custom Floors uses the best Dust Containment equipment available; however, even the best equipment will not be 100% dust free. Our system does contain 98% of the airborne dust created while sanding your floors. During the Sanding process you will most likely accumulate dust equal to 3-4 weeks of normal household dust. A very reasonable and easy clean up.

What do I need to get ready before my project starts?
If we are installing a new wood floor, we will deliver the material to the job site approximately 1 week before the job start to provide time for acclimation. (This time frame may vary depending on species or conditions.) It is not recommended to store the hardwood in your garage or on a porch. You will need to prepare an area for acclimation of the hardwood. Proper acclimation reduces the amount of natural movement a wood floor will have throughout the seasons.Make sure to clear area of all furniture and personal items. Remember to clear countertops (appliances, mail, etc.) and remove toilet(s) if necessary or arrange for us to do the work. Draw blinds and lift or remove window treatments off of the floor to protect fabric and create a well-lit working environment.

Do I need to remove my appliances if I’m having the floors refinished in my kitchen?

The refrigerator and range typically need to be removed, so please have this done before our crews arrive. You can also arrange for us to remove the appliances for a small fee, just make sure to notify the office. The refrigerator will need to be emptied before we arrive so it will be easier to move and will eliminate messy spills. Please note that you will be responsible for re-connecting the icemaker on the refrigerator when the project is complete. Make sure the connection is good, and we advise you to check this hook-up at least once in the following hour. You don’t want water to damage your new floors.

What else do I need to do on the 1st day of my project?
Make sure pets are in a secure area or off of the premises. Please tell us if you would like any cabinets or valuables draped. (We will do this at no extra charge). If you are unable to meet our crew in the morning to let them in your home, please coordinate with the office to provide a key or lockbox so we can get started right away.

How long will it take for my wood flooring project to be complete?
This depends on the scope and size of your project, however, the average time for most of our projects ranges from 2 to 7 days. When you contact our office, we will provide you with an estimated time of completion before we start your project.

How will my floors be finished?
After your floors have been sanded and sealed, you will receive 2 additional coats of finish for a total of 3 applications. For a typical 500 square foot project… expect one coat on the first day after sanding is complete, and two coats on the 2nd day. On the evening of the last day, you will be able to walk on the floors with stocking feet.When can I walk on my new wood floors?Please wait 4 to 6 hours before walking on floors with stocking feet and 24 hours for shoes. Allow 48 hours for furniture and pets and 1 -2 weeks before placing carpets or other area rugs. Also avoid using water on the floor for one week. Click here for more information and floor care recommendations.

Will my floor have cracks?
Hardwood is a natural material and will contract and expand throughout the seasons. To minimize cracks, Schmidt Custom Floors Inc. recommends acclimating the wood to appropriate levels for your home. Installing a whole-house humidifier to keep the relative humidity consistent is also recommended.

How should I clean my new wood floors?
You will find that hardwood floors are a breeze to take care of and maintain. Click here for specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines.