Why you should use different carpets throughout the home

Some think every carpet must match, but all the flooring needs to do is coordinate well.

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We love carpet, but when you go into a flooring store you can be a bit overwhelmed by the wide assortment of colors, styles, patterns, designs, and construction, so let's try to simplify it.

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Not all rooms are the same

Rooms and areas have different sets of priorities and challenges. For instance, the main concern for stairs is to have a carpet that is both highly durable and safe. People and pets run up and down them all day, and the flooring needs to fit well around railings and have a solid foundation for the foot. While a plush, fluffy and high pile (meaning long, loose fibers) rug like a shag may be great for the bedroom or living space, it wouldn't work well for stairs which need a low pile (with short, tightly woven fibers) rug. Low pile surfaces tend to be more durable, which is why you usually see them in offices and other commercial facilities, and easier to clean; there’s a reason the shag is often called the "sheepdog carpet." Be sure to tell the retailer exactly how and where you plan to use the carpet.

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There needs to be a color balance in all the rooms

By this, we mean the coordination of both warm and cool shades. If your rug is a cooler shade, you might want to add some warmer tones on walls and accessories and vice versa. Chances are that each room will have different hues on walls and other furnishings. If you use the same carpet throughout, it might not work well together and you'll end up with a lack of harmony, focus, and unity.