What does LVT mean?

LVT is an often-used acronym for luxury vinyl flooring. It falls under the general category of luxury vinyl flooring (often called LVF), a material that’s an incredible mimic or wood, tile or stone.

In Colorado, the family-owned Schmidt Custom Floors has been in business since 1998, but that’s only part of the story. The entire company is now in its third generation, and the first Schmidt Custom Floors began, and is still in operation, in 1968 in Wisconsin.

We are grounded in high standards of ethics, quality, and craftsmanship and carry a well-stocked inventory of flooring. We also provide services such as installation and dust-free sanding.

As a flooring retailer, we love to suggest LVT. It checks off all the boxes: beauty, function, waterproof, affordable and easy care, and installation.

Visit our showroom in Loveland, CO and ask about our estimate. We also service Fort Collins, Windsor, Boulder, Estes Park.

Tile-sized pieces

LVF is available in sheets or it can be cut into tiles or planks. Some people prefer the cut version because they feel the seams give it even more realism. Some even take it further by adding some grout at the seams. When you walk into a store, you’ll be amazed at the LVT samples, because this isn't the same vinyl flooring you may remember from decades ago. The images are created with 3-D photography, there are texturing features and it’s available in matte or gloss finishes.

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Recommended for the busiest of homes

This product is so durable that pull toys and pets just don't faze it. It's a layered product, with the top sheet being super-strong clear plastic (melamine). It protects the floor from scratches and scuffs and keeps liquids and stains out.

Everything stays at the surface so it all, including crayons and lipstick, wipe up easily. By the way, that top coating makes it virtually impossible to wear the image.

Other benefits include:
  • Easy cleaning. Just sweep and mop.
  • Comfort. All vinyl is soft and pliable and doesn't get cold. It’s easy on which to sand and walk.
  • Simple installation. LVT is DIY-friendly. With a few exceptions, it can be placed over most subfloors, as long as they're clean, dry and smooth. The pieces can either be clicked together or glued.