Christmas Decor and Color Trends

Christmas Decor and Color Trends

With Christmas just a week away, here are a few last minute decor ideas as you finish up your holiday shopping. Plus, why not bring some new color trends to carry into 2018.

Do you have worn out decorations to put up each year, or do you just not have enough decorations? Well, maybe it’s time for new Christmas decorations to enhance the holiday season. How about incorporating other colors into your holiday décor, like blue, purple or green.Try using different metals like copper, platinum and brass, so you can add a rustic feel to your holiday. Tie creams or silvers ribbons to your Christmas tree to bring a luxurious feel to your Christmas scene. How about using a neutral colored, plush blanket for a last minute tree skirt?If you’ve inherited any vintage ornaments, maybe feature them on a small tree, so you can give them recognition.

Simplify ~ Bring the outdoors in

Simple, yet classic decorations convey a warm and inviting home, while also giving it a festive feel. Fill up your glass jars and vases with ornaments and pine leaves you weren't going to put out, this can bring in the outdoors and make it feel more like Christmas. Use Mason jars as candle holders, you can even tie beautiful holiday ribbon around the center.

Bring on the Purple!

Pantone's color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, which is a strong color. However, if you love purple, you may want to start bringing this color into your home during this holiday season. Even just a pop of color can add a lot to a room, or an accent wall so you don't get too carried away. Blues and greens are also popular choices, so if purple is too bold for you just yet, maybe start small.

If you're on a budget, plan ahead and take advantage of the post-holiday sales by purchasing Christmas decor for next year. Keep the special treasures, but consider donating gently used decorations to Goodwill or Arc to clear out your storage spaces and minimize clutter. Start early, for ideas on how to keep up with the trends in 2018 come visit our showroom.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a bright new year!