With the holidays approaching quickly, the pressure is on to keep your floors in tip-top shape and sparkle when family and friends come a'calling' during the holidays. As cold weather moves in and snow becomes more frequent, keeping your floors clean can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your hardwood, LVT and laminate floors clean throughout the holiday season.

Helpful Holiday Cleaning Tips

  • Seasonal Entry Mats
    Keep 'em clean from the get-go. Putting seasonal mats by your entry-ways will eliminate 90% of dirt, ice melt and moisture that comes in from outside. By choosing festive and seasonal mats, you can also help your guests get into the holiday mood!
  • Welcome Gift
    Some guest may want to keep their shoes on so their feet stay warm during these cold months. To encourage taking shoes off as people come in the front door, keep a basket of cheerful, holiday socks and slippers out as welcome gifts for your family and friends. This way they have something to slip on their cold feet once their shoes and boots come off. This will also leave them cheerful as they leave your house!
  • Wrap 'Em Up
    This tip applies not only to the holiday season but in general. With all of the family and friends you may have visiting around this time of year, furniture is bound to get moved from here to there. Put felt floor protectors on all of your furniture to ensure the least amount of scratches and scuffs.
  • Elves Tools
    With all of the parties and family gatherings, spills and drips are bound to happen. Keep a micro fiber mop within hands reach for moments when you need a quick spot clean. Remember to use a spray bottle with cleaning solution to help control the moisture level that is put onto your floor.Cleaning doesn't have to be dull either, turn on your favorite holiday music to make your time more festive and joyful.

Keeping your floors clean goes a long way in getting your home ready for the holidays and guests. Stop by our showroom at 1264 S Grant Ave in Loveland for help with selecting the perfect cleaner for your floors.