Craftsman Inspiration

Craftsman Inspiration

With New Year's resolutions on our minds, one of our crews helped a family turn their resolution into reality! When we started this project, our focus was to update our clients' home and give them a new, beautiful atmosphere. The homeowner really enjoyed the craftsman style, so bringing that style into the renovation was something we wanted to focus on.

For this stair renovation, we used two different styles on the balusters. One of the styles had a twisted ball in the center of the baluster and the other featured flattened diamonds, staggered with either two equally separated diamonds or one directly in the center of the baluster. This gave the balusters an updated look, while still keeping with the craftsman feel.

We wanted the same style on the stairs, integrating craftsman inspiration with an updated look. To achieve this look, our in-house "stair master" used red oak stair treads and white risers. This gave a modern look to a more traditional area.

To bring everything together and create a cohesive space, all of the main level, stairs and railings were eventually stained to match. Our client chose an English Chestnut stain, which has a little red in it. This also helped to bring out the natural red tones of the red oak.

In the end, our client was beyond happy. The changes and updates transformed the appearance of the whole main level. For questions or to schedule an in-home estimate to revamp your stairs, please call our office at 970-663-7402, or visit our website and fill out a contact form.

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