Four-Legged Friends and Flooring

Four-Legged Friends and Flooring

It is important that our four-legged friends be comfortable and safe in our homes. Faced with the challenge of choosing appropriate flooring for our furry friends, this guide is here to help! We want beautiful, comfortable and easily cleanable decor can hold up to our pet's nails, fur and the occasional accident.

Carpet is a common flooring choice. It's soft on the feet...and paws...warm and cozy, and won't show scratches. If this is your preferred choice, look for carpet that is labeled "pet friendly." Unlike traditional carpets that trap in smells, stain and fur, these "pet-friendly" selections feature fibers that are odor/moisture resistant with built in stain protection. You also want to select a carpet with a lower pile. Looped and higher pile carpets are not the best when it comes to pets, because they are harder to clean and can snag against your pet's nails. It is also important to be aware of the pad that is installed underneath the carpet. Make sure to choose specialty "pet padding" when ordering your carpet.

If hardwood floors are what your heart desires, we recommend talking to a flooring specialist. Not only do you want to look for a wood species that is higher up on the Janka Hardness Scale, but also the look of the hardwood itself. Our flooring specialists at Schmidt Custom Floors would recommend options such as Oak or Hickory, because both of these species of wood are durable and will show less dents. These species have an "open" grain which will help hide fur and scratches that eventually occur on all hardwood floors.

Alternatives to consider when choosing pet-friendly flooring:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile is also a smart option when thinking about pet-friendly flooring solutions. It gives the look of wood or stone, while also being scratch and stain resistant. LVT, as it is commonly referred, can be warm and comfortable under foot, while still offering the harder surface most pet owners prefer. To get more information on LVT, please read our blog post LVT...The Next Big Thing.
  • Laminate is another excellent choice in hardwood alternatives. It is well known for its durability and stain resistance and works well in high moisture areas. It is a pet-friendly choice also for its resistance to scratches and ability to uphold general wear and tear.
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