We started off the month of March with a "spring" in our step by sanding and refinishing a Tigerwood floor that we originally installed in a client's home years ago. Our client wanted the floor to look a few shades darker than the natural color of this species, so we added a custom stain during the refinishing process.

A little background on Tigerwood

Tigerwood is an exotic wood from Brazil. Its name originates from the dark orange/red color and dark veins that run throughout and give a tiger-like look. With age and sunlight, Tigerwood will darken slightly over the years. Because of its durability, color and hardness, Tigerwood is a popular choice when it comes to an exotic floor. It lends itself to feeling luxurious and brings a dynamic feeling to a room. It's specific characteristics affect the maintenance and care needed to keep the floors in their optimum condition.

Take a look at the finished Tigerwood floor in our client's home. It turned out beautifully and showcases a rich color, while still keeping a natural feel. The natural light in the home allowed for the color and grain to really shine and standout on this floor. In the end, our clients were beyond happy with how their floors turned out. For more information on exotic wood species, or to schedule a free in-house consultation, please give us a call at our office 970-663-7402. Or stop by our showroom to take a look at different wood species we work with.