School House Rocks!

Over the winter SCF worked on an old school  house in Berthoud, CO.  When I initially looked at the floor the structure was under some serious construction.  There were areas that the previous owner had cut in plumbing, heating and a number of other "head scratching" areas.  The current owners had a vision to restore the history of the building while keeping as much of the original materials as possible.  New interior walls, insulation, windows and an updated laundry, master bath and kitchen were also in the works.

After the initial repairs and rough sanding were done the interior walls were put up and the place began to take shape...

Once all the finish work was done we came back in and finalized the flooring.  The owners really wanted to keep the color close to the old floor minus the wax and years of build up.  After some "customized" staining we got everything just right and applied the final coat.

Projects like these really make us proud of the work we do.  And now this school house... ROCKS!



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