The Right Flooring for the Right Space

The Right Flooring for the Right Space

Finding the right flooring for a room can be an overwhelming task. There are numerous materials to choose from, each with an abundant amount of options. This guide will help explain the most desirable flooring options on the market as well as direct where those materials are best placed based on the room and traffic flow.


An ever favorite flooring option, hardwood is durable and warm. It has a natural feel to it and continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices for old and new homeowners. Oak tends to be the most favorable species to be put into homes, but there is a slight trend being seen toward larger planks, more exotic woods and prefinished floors. Hardwood floors are generally seen in living and family rooms, dining rooms and transition areas such as entry ways and hallways.


Laminate floors are moving their way up in popularity. With the help of printer technology, laminate floors can be eco-friendly while still creating a similar look and feel of hardwood. Laminate floors are also easier to install and less expensive than hardwood. These floors are great in high traffic areas because of their durability. We are also seeing a lot of these floors installed in rental properties because of their ease of install and affordability.


Bamboo floors are made up of lightweight, woody grass that grows to maturity within a few weeks. Thus making this product extremely eco-friendly. This product is highly durable and resists swelling and contraction with changes in humidity. Because of the environment that it is grown in and how well it handles humidity, bamboo products are recommended in more humid climates rather than dry. We are seeing a lot of these products in eco-friendly, new build homes.


Like bamboo, cork is a green flooring alternative. The core structure of cork looks like honeycomb, which makes it highly absorbent to sounds and vibrations. Another benefit to cork is its cushiony feel underfoot, making dents almost non-existent. Cork tiles can be finished in a wide range of colors as well. This product is at its best in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms. It is also an ideal product in playrooms because of its natural, non-slip texture.


When it comes to tile, porcelain and terra cotta, along with natural stone such as granite, travertine or slate are the most popular. Tile combines beauty and hardness but has a wide range when it comes to cost. It can also require higher maintenance schedules and resealing. Tile is a great product in west-facing areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms.


Carpet is a traditional choice of flooring that has been popular for many years. With its ability to be more and more stain resistant and offer life-time warranties, this product is forever trending. Carpet offers a soft-to-touch texture and adds warmth to any room. It is best in bedrooms and playrooms.
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