Top 4 Hardwood Flooring Trends in 2016!

Top 4 Hardwood Flooring Trends in 2016!

Interior design is all about letting your personality shine through in your home. Non-traditional hardwood colors and finishes are ideal for creating a personalized design statement. April is perfect for starting your home remodeling projects, so below are some Top Trends in Hardwood Flooring this year.

Natural Oil Finishes

These are based 100% on natural vegetable oils, so they contain no solvents, water or waxes. Natural Oil Finishes fortify and protect from within. Oil brings out the wood's warmth and natural appearance, which enhances its unique texture and beauty.This finish is beautiful with a natural matte appearance and only requires minimal maintenance. This finish has been very popular in Europe for some time now and is finally taking off here in America. It's one of our favorite finishes.

Wider planks

The wider planks will make your room look larger, so if you need the illusion keep these in mind. Another great feature is they look more contemporary and can also give off an authentic and rustic. Most customers installing new hardwood lean towards wider planks, even if it’s just slightly wider than standard 2 1/4″ strip. It is amazing how big of an impact switching from a 2 1/4″ to 3 1/4″ or 5″ plank can make. Wider planks such as 5″, 6″ or 7″ can make a big statement, this trend is clear – wider and wider.


Gray is recently referred to as the "New Neutral."  Gray doesn't overpower other colors and is the perfect well-behaved neutral. It is as versatile to work with as neutral and beige tones, but because gray is still a bit different and unexpected, it can be a great base for out-of-the-box interior design.


Whitewashed floors are slowly making a comeback as well. This trend seems to be driven in part by the gray trend and in part by high end beach resort's usage of this style. It’s especially popular with wider plank flooring and when homeowners are trying to add lighter tones as well as well as a modern/vintage look to the home. It’s a blend of old and new. The colors are muted and often highlight the mineral streaks and natural character and flaws of the wood. Often, the finishes are oil rubbed or wire-brushed. The low gloss finish gives these planks a unique and weathered look.

Schmidt Custom Floors has a team of flooring and design specialists that can help you decide if these trends are right for you and your space. Give our office a call and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you and discuss your space and your needs.