Hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO


Looking for hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO?

We offer hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO, which will meet your specific requirements for any size remodel, from one room to a whole household. Each home has different requirements, and we work with you to match you with products that meet your needs. If you need more clarification on which products will serve you best, we're here to help.

The characteristics and benefits of this flooring line can serve you well. Whether you need the best visual, performance, or lifespan, there’s something here for everyone. Here are some facts that can help you decide on your wood floors that will serve you for years.

The beauty & durability of hardwood floors

The beauty and timelessness of wood floors can cater to an extensive range of needs for matching your décor. Each species offers specific grain patterns, to which you can add stain color and texture, blended with personalized installation layouts. But you can take it a step further to create intricate mosaics, inlays, and borders, to personalize your floors even more.

Hardwood flooring offers various levels of durability, as some species are much harder than others. The harder the species, the more durable your hardwood installation is, especially when paired with a great sealant. Even textured finishes help to hide signs of wear, including light scuffs and scratches.

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Enjoy the best hardwood in your home

As you share your requirements with our staff, we'll guide you to characteristics that serve you best, with outstanding results. For example, the perfect flooring match could mean you'll never have to replace your floors because an excellent installation lasts so long. Choose durable species, sealants, and textures for your busiest spaces, and consider adding area rugs for high-traffic areas for wood floors that are sure to last decades.
Hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors

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At Schmidt Custom Floors, we offer an excellent selection of products and services for solutions to any flooring need you have right now. Our staff will also come alongside you to help direct your search and ensure the perfect results every time. So, spend some time with our flooring specialists, and you'll leave with a new plan for your remodel.

When you visit our showroom in Loveland, CO, you’ll find everything you want and need for any size project. We will put years of experience toward your hardwood flooring in Longmont, CO, and work with you for every need. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, so visit us today.
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