Hardwood flooring in Windsor, CO


Hardwood flooring options in Windsor, CO

Are you considering hardwood flooring in Windsor, CO? If so, you’re sure to find the benefits to be a fantastic addition to your décor scheme, meeting a wealth of needs from a single product line. And the more you know about the materials and their benefits, the better your results.

Visual appeal, durability, and lifespan are some of the most well-known characteristics available on hardwood floors. However, you'll likely never need to replace them once they're in a place in your home. Here are more facts to help you choose the perfect materials for your home.

A long and useful lifespan

A professional hardwood installation can last more than 100 years, offering performance and stability that goes the distance. Once you choose your materials and installation layout, we'll give you all the details so you know what to expect. We'll also tell you about anything you can do before the installation team arrives for smoother installation service.

If you have any questions about the materials or services, you'll have plenty of time to ask before we begin. And we'll keep you up to date with progress. The installation can take a few days, but the wood floors are well worth it.

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Stunning visuals and more

Wood floors are some of the easiest to customize, with beautiful species choices, stain colors, and textures. But you'll also get personalized results from hardwood layouts, intricate inlays, borders, and medallions. But, of course, choosing the best look for your home depends on your décor and desire for ongoing visual appeal.

As a natural material, hardwood flooring is perfect for rustic décor schemes or any design that incorporates nature into the overall appeal. Think farmhouse or mid-century to understand a couple of excellent applications. So, bring your decorating ideas for wood floors when you visit, and we’ll show you the best way to incorporate these materials.
Hardwood flooring in Windsor, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Hardwood flooring in Windsor, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors
Hardwood flooring in Windsor, CO from Schmidt Custom Floors

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Bring all your remodeling plans to Schmidt Custom Floors, where you’ll browse an extensive inventory of materials for any size project. We have years of experience to add, with consultation, advice, and answers to all your questions. Share your preferences and requirements with our staff for outstanding results.

Our store is excellent for finding the best hardwood flooring in Windsor, CO. Visit our showroom in Loveland, CO. As soon as you arrive, our staff will work alongside you from start to finish for results you can live with for years. So, share your ideas, and we'll work together to create your dream flooring.